Meet Jordan Eubanks: The Marine Captain Racing to Victory


In the adrenaline-fueled world of sport bike racing, there are individuals who embody the spirit of dedication and perseverance both on and off the track. Jordan Eubanks, a Marine Corps Captain, exemplifies this ethos as he fearlessly navigates the twists and turns of both military life and the racing circuit.

A Passion Ignited

Jordan's journey into motorcycle racing is as dynamic as the sport itself. From his early days tearing up motocross tracks as a kid to acquiring his first street bike in 2019, the thrill of two-wheeled speed became an integral part of his life.

The Rise to MotoAmerica

In 2020, Jordan took the leap into competitive racing, entering his first official race. His progression was rapid, earning his expert plate in 2021 and joining the prestigious MotoAmerica series in 2023. His chosen battlegrounds? The fiercely contested Hooligan and Supersport classes.

The Machines Behind the Man

On the track, Jordan commands the powerful 2022 KTM 890 Duke R in the Supersport Hooligan class, showcasing his mastery of speed and precision. Off the track, his street companion is the formidable 2023 Yamaha R1, a testament to his passion for performance both on the street and the circuit.

Balancing Act: Marine, Scholar, Racer

Beyond racing, Jordan's life is a symphony of dedication. As an active-duty Marine Corps Captain with eight years of service, he currently pursues dual master's degrees in the IT field at the Naval Postgraduate School. The discipline and focus instilled by military life undoubtedly amplify his racing prowess.

Family Man and Renaissance Athlete

Despite his demanding schedule, Jordan finds time to revel in his passions. Whether it's tearing through mountain trails on a bike, conquering virtual worlds as a PC gamer, or cherishing moments with his wife and two sons, his zest for life knows no bounds. His eclectic hobbies, from unicycling and running to his love for cars and trucks, underscore a multifaceted personality.

The Road Ahead

In 2024, Jordan embarks on a full Hooligan season, poised to carve his name deeper into the annals of MotoAmerica. With each race, he not only represents his team but also inspires a legion of fans who admire his grit and determination.

Join the Journey

Follow Jordan Eubanks on his quest for victory. Stay tuned to witness the triumphs and challenges that define a Marine Captain's pursuit of excellence, both on the track and in life.


Jordan Eubanks epitomizes the spirit of resilience and ambition, embodying the values of a Marine while pushing the boundaries of speed and skill in the world of motorcycle racing. As he continues to chase podiums and academic accolades alike, his story serves as a testament to the unwavering pursuit of passion against all odds.